Quick, nourishing, and delicious alternatives to boring and unhealthy fast food choices.

Our mission is to empower our customers to live healthier lives by providing quick, nourishing, and delicious food and drink options for people on the go. We are a family-owned business that began operating in Annapolis Maryland in 1986.

Quick Nourishing and Delicious food and drink starts with fresh carrots, beets, and greens

Our Core Values

At Queen's Orchard, our core values are the guideposts that align our daily actions with the impact that we want to make.

We are Wellness Focused

Your health is important to us. Our mission is to create delicious food and drink items which support a busy, healthy lifestyle.

Some of the ways that we accomplish this are by choosing organic ingredients whenever possible, limiting the amount of sugar that we use in our recipes, and creating procedures to minimize potential exposure to allergens.

We are Positive

A positive environment is an important component of a healthy lifestyle for both our customers and our team members.

We consciously create a positive, friendly atmosphere for our co-workers and customers, and make a special effort to do so when high demand causes us to feel stress and pressure.

We are Disciplined

Queen's Orchard is a learning environment where team members are encouraged to continuously work on improving their skills and knowledge.

In addition, we keep our workspaces and equipment clean and working properly to ensure that we can deliver top quality products without unnecessary delays.


We are Responsive

When a customer or team member has a question or needs assistance, it's important that they quickly get the help that they need.

By using automation, technology tools, and active monitoring, we are able to respond quickly and effectively when a customer or employee brings an issue, problem, or concern to our attention.

We are Good Citizens

We look for opportunities to assist our neighbors who need help by supporting the local organizations which serve them.

Recycling is an important part of our operations, and we choose supplies and suppliers which are environmentally friendly.

We are Results Oriented

We have measurable business targets which help us to verify that we are serving our customers in the best possible way.

This also allows us to maximize profitability, which rewards our community with tax revenues, our employees with job opportunities, and our investors with financial returns.

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