We are currently selling Queen's Orchard Membership cards for the 2022 Maryland Renaissance Festival season.

For just $199.00, you'll get to enjoy 50 delicious single-serving items from the Queen's Orchard booth between August 27th and October 23rd this year!

We haven't finalized our pricing for this season, but last year our items ranged from $4 to $7.

That's up to $350 worth of delicious food and drink for just $199

Our membership is great for:

  • Multi-day Pass Holders
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Festival Employees
  • Festival Artisans

That's because we allow you to share the card with others!

Whether you choose to use the card yourself or share the cost with others, it's a great deal.

We are also offering a limited number of VIP Memberships this year!

(There are currently only 10 of them remaining)

The VIP membership includes the same 50 item redemption as a regular membership, PLUS you get a VIP Experience every time you visit Queen's Orchard during the Festival season.

  • VIP Members get to skip waiting in line - they just walk up and place their orders with our VIP Concierge
  • VIP Members get their order pushed to the front of the queue - once you place your order, it'll be the next thing we work on.
  • VIP Members get to run a tab with us - when your 50 items have been redeemed, or you want to order something that isn't eligible (like a juice shot or a half-gallon of limeade), we'll just put it on your tab and let you settle up with us later.

Important note about the VIP Experience:

While you can share the 50 item credits with other people, the VIP Experience is only for one person per membership.

If we allowed you to share the VIP benefits, we wouldn't be able to do a great job delivering the service. We are only issuing 12 VIP Memberships this season so that we can be sure to take great care of each of you.

Frequently Asked Questions