Our Menu

This is list of items that are frequently available at our locations. Our menu offerings may vary from day to day, based on availability of fresh ingredients.

During business hours, you can reference our online ordering system to verify the availability of particular items.

Hand Dipped Fruits

Frozen Banana

A whole ripe banana on a stick, peeled and frozen just days ago. While you wait, we hand-dip the banana in one of our delicious flavors and optionally add a selection of toppings that you choose.



Limeade crafted from hand-squeezed lime juice and spring water. Available unsweet, sweet, or sweet with cherry.

Only available ice-cold.

Masala Chai

Our own blend of hand-crushed spices, tea, soy and rice milks.

Served ice-cold or steaming hot.

Peach Fruit Freeze

Our signature peach slush drink made from scratch using real fruit, sugar and ice.

Peach Tea

Brewed tea sweetened with our delicious made-from-scratch peach syrup.

Served ice-cold or steaming hot.

Spiced Apple Cider

Delicious apple cider mulled with our in-house blend of spices

Served ice-cold or steaming hot.

Fresh Juices


Fresh squeezed orange juice

Peter Rabbit

Fresh carrot juice

William Tell

Fresh apple juice

Fresh Juice Blends


Orange, Apple, Vanilla, & Coconut Water


Apple, Celery, Lemon & Ginger

Ginger Biere

Ginger, Apple, Lemon,
& Sparkling Mineral Water

Ginger Zip

Ginger, Apple, Agave Nectar,
Lemon, & Sparkling Mineral Water

Green Man

Cucumber, Celery, & Green Apple

Golden Child

Golden Beet, Carrot, Orange Bell Pepper, Apple, Lemon, & Turmeric

Holy Trinity

Carrot, Beet, & Ginger

Morning Zinger

Apple, Carrot, Lemon, & Ginger

Pear Tartlet

Pear, Carrot, Ginger, & Cinnamon

Purple Haze

Beet, Pear, Ginger, Cinnamon,
& Sparkling Mineral Water

Red Sunset

Carrot, Apple, & Beet

Thai Carrot

Carrot, Coconut Water, Ginger,
Jalapeno, Lime, & Curry

Fuzzy Bunnies

Coconut Water, Sparkling Mineral Water, and your choice of fresh juices:

  • Apple & Lemon
  • Carrot & Lemon
  • Cucumber & Lemon
  • Pear & Lemon
  • Orange & Lime
  • Pear & Lime & Ginger
  • Lemon & Lime & Agave Nectar